Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a licensed building practitioner?

    Restricted building work is when you need an LBP, this was brought in March 2012 with changes to the Building Act 2004. Restricted building work covers work that is critical to the integrity of the building, such as weather tightness, building structure and design of fire safety systems. So this is why it pays to use the professionals who understand the legislation and can identify what exactly restricted building work involves.

  • How can I keep my building project on budget?

    You simply can’t afford to manage a project being careless, otherwise material costs, time and money will all start to rise causing a headache for you. This is why we stay on top of all our projects through the use of great systems, daily site logs, and project management charts to ensure the project progresses as it should. Of course the unexpected is always possible, such as a sudden found love for the new floor boards you have found underneath your carpet, so the we would simply add a separate quote for us to polish the floor boards and only when you have approved this would the work start.

  • At what stage do I involve a builder?

    There is no written formula for when you should involve a builder. It does however pay to involve a builder early on in your planning, as they can often set realistic goals for how long it would take to complete, and how much it would cost. This assists you by setting realistic expectations around your project so as not to be disappointed at the end. Involving a builder early on can also help by providing additional suggestions during the planning stage.

  • Does my builder need to be a part of an association?

    We do recommend this as being a member of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand entitles you to benefits such as a 10 year Home First Guarantee as well as easing your mind that experienced professionals are working on your project.

  • What are the different contract options available?

    We offer two types of building contract – fixed price or cost plus margin. The one you choose is largely dependant on the project.

    With a fixed price contract you can be sure about the price from early on and it can be really effective with new home builds as well as simple renovations.

    However, with large scale and complex renovations there can be projects where the price cannot be confirmed until the build is under way. For example, earth moving can be difficult to price until you start as you don’t know what lies beneath the surface. Wall and floor linings hold similar problems, as a builder cannot price for what he cannot see. In these situation we advise the client signs a cost plus margin contract with an estimate figure agreed upon.

    When comparing quotes, you should have a close look at tagged items such as earth moving and re-lining, as these items might be more expensive further down the road even though you got a reasonable starting price.

  • Will I need building consent?

    The simple answer is yes, as all building work (especially a new home or large renovation) requires consent. This includes:

    • Swimming and spa pools and their fencing
    • Retaining walls (some may be exempt)
    • Decks with a falling height of 1m
    • Fences over 2m high
    • Free-standing non-habitable buildings larger than 10m2
    • Plumbing and drainage work
    • Partial demolition of building, or demolition of detached building (more than 3 storeys)
    • Relocation
    • Additions or alterations to existing buildings
    • New buildings
    • Change of use (e.g. garage to granny flat)
    • Heating, including fireplaces
    • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems for commercial premises
    • Solar panels
    • Replacements if not strictly like for like and if the work goes beyond what can be defined as maintenance and repair

    Click this link to read about what the Council requires a building consent for.

    With renovation work, the majority will require consent as any changes to your home, for example structural changes or altering the exterior, will need to be inspected and signed off. This is another reason to choose Renovate Me as we are fully aware of what needs to have consent so you know you won’t have to deal with un-consented work further down the road!

  • Do I need insurance? What are my options?

    Yes, you always need insurance. We provide Contract Works insurance for new home builds ensuring you can sleep easy. For renovations, insurance must be added to your existing homeowner insurance policy as we are not able to insure the renovation if we do not own the property.

    We also hold Public Liability insurance. We can also arrange for a 10 yearCertified Builder’s Guarantee to ensure are covered on all fronts and receive the best quality going forward.

  • What is the building consent process, and who is responsible for it?

    In conjunction with your designer, we will ensure your plans are submitted to Council. Here are the steps involved in getting your consent:

    • Step 1: Plans and ideas prepared
    • Step 2: Project Information Memorandum (PIM) applied for and issued
    • Step 3: Detailed plans and specifications prepared
    • Step 4: Building consent applied for and deposit or full fee is paid
    • Step 5: Plans and specifications checked for compliance, also known as processing the application (Council may request further information during this step). Council has 20 working days to decide to grant or refuse the consent.
    • Step 6: Building consent granted and issued
    • Step 7: Building work begins (building consents lapse if work does not begin within 12 months)
    • Step 8: Inspections during building process
    • Step 9: Apply for Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)
  • How much will I need to be involved in the design process?

    While we encourage client participation, it is not always necessary, and you can decide how involved you would like to be in the process. We can provide you with a choice of designers, and assist you as much, or as little as you wish, during the design phase plan your build. With our design and construction expertise, we are confident that we will provide you with a design that you will like and which will suit your needs and your budget.

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